Broad Network throughout the World

JK International can assist you in your international trade business. Whether it is the exchange of products or the exchange of services, we can work across international borders to fulfill your business needs. We at JK International understand the importance of negotiating local and cultural differences to bring about successful transactions. We also have a broad network of local agents working throughout the world. Some of the services we provide include:

Transportation Arrangement

JKI can assist in the logistical aspects of your international business with various transportation modes.

Global Outsourcing

JKI can assist clients in developing offshore outsourcing strategies in different countries. With our international network of agents, we can locate quality manufacturers with low-cost parts, components, assembly, and finished goods.

Marketing & Sales

JKI offers marketing and sales services to Asian countries for various products. Whether you target mega markets or small mom-and-pop stores, we can provide comprehensive marketing and sales coverage in Asia with many established marketing and sales outlets.

If you have any questions about our domestic services or would like to become our client, please send an email to or use the Contact Us page to send us your information. One of JKI’s team members will contact you shortly.