JKI is in business to provide outstanding service to our clients.

In this highly competitive global market, you can easily find many others who provide similar types of service.
What makes JKI your choice?


Our team at JK International, we get to know our clients, your business, projects, vendors and suppliers, and even your clients. We create and tailor our services on your specific needs to customize solutions that fit your requirements in managing process, cost, time and profit within your supply chain.


Our JKI team has been trained to ask the right questions, we can understand how to better service your needs. We will always take our time listening to what you have to tell us.


At JKI, we aim to provide continuous innovation to monitor our clients’ logistics operation through every step of the way.


We at JKI, our team strives to work toward a common goal to exceed the trust in all expectations with our clients.


Our commitment does not stop when projects end or a shipment is delivered. We keep all your information, businesses, preferences, and documents filed on our system. This ensures we are right back in business where we left off the next time you call. There will be no need to start from the beginning.


JK International thinks long term when dealing with clients. We understand the great value in ensuring our delivery is positive and always strive for high quality output.


Accessibility – We are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have any questions about our domestic services or would like to become our client, please send an email to ClientServices@jkiglobal.com or use the Contact Us page to send us your information. One of JKI’s team members will contact you shortly.