Export Supply Chain

“Services that go beyond moving the freight.”

On export shipments, JKI is committed to provide services that go beyond just moving the freight. We don’t just emphasize getting shipments from point A to point B; we also ensure your business is successful by managing, assisting, and enhancing your export supply chain with our expertise, commitment, and resources. That is why we take a careful approach with your export documentation and coordinate with you for the best logistical methods. Each shipment is different; therefore, each requires special attention, and this is where we excel. Whether it is an air shipment or an ocean shipment, JKI will ensure that your particular shipment is well taken care of from the initial pick-up to the final delivery and each step of the way between. With our full export documentation services and export transportation arrangement, you can rest assured that your export supply chain is in good hands.

“One point of contact for a global network”

Our qualified global network reaches to all major airlines and steamship lines, and we are ready to assist your export supply chain. With our qualified global network, we can provide worldwide export services from anywhere in the U.S. to various international destinations. In addition to providing a qualified global network, we constantly monitor the consistency and reliability of our partners to ensure our high standard of quality services around the globe. Wherever your shipment is headed, JKI’s commitment to a high standard of quality services will follow it there.

If you have any questions about our domestic services or would like to become our client, please send an email to ClientServices@jkiglobal.com or use the Contact Us page to send us your information. One of JKI’s team members will contact you shortly.