“It’s not just about getting the shipment from point A to point B anymore.”

In today’s ever-changing and demanding business world, logistics and transportation are no longer just about getting the shipment from point A to point B. At JKI, we emphasize two elements: efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As a non-asset Freight Forwarder and Broker, JKI has all the resources required to work with our qualified partners to provide customized services for every mode of transportation. JKI’s qualified network includes airlines, railroads, and trucking companies which cover every corner of the United States.

Air Cargo Services for Time Sensitive

JK International provides air cargo services for time sensitive, critical shipments. Because it is a premium and costly service, we make sure to monitor your shipment closely until it arrives on time. Some of our air cargo services include:

Next Flight Available is the highest prioritized air cargo option by JKI. We will follow the cargo very closely until delivery is made.

Overnight shipments arrive at the destination airport on the next business day.

Second Day shipments arrive at the destination airport on the second day and are available for pick-up or delivery by the end of the second day.

Third Day shipments arrive at the destination airport on the third day and are available for pick-up or delivery by the end of third day.

If your shipment is too critical and cannot wait for the next flight schedule, air charter service will be the option. Our partner carriers offer a wide range of aircraft to fit your specific need.

Ground Transportation

JK International provides various types of ground transportation services. As they are a more cost effective transportation method, we constantly monitor our services to be efficient and reliable. Some of our ground transportation services include:

Dedicated & Exclusive Truckload

Whether it is a regional move or a long haul shipment from coast to coast, your shipment will be handled by a qualified and dedicated carrier who will provide you with exclusive use of a trailer.

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

When your shipment is less than a full truckload, you can take advantage of less than truckload pricing.


When your shipment is not time critical, intermodal transportation may offer the most cost-effective pricing option. We will coordinate with railroad companies and local drayage companies for pick-up and delivery.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery

Just-in-Time Delivery is known to improve a company’s inventory cost by reducing transit times and warehouse costs. One of the biggest challenges in JIT transport mode is getting the shipment delivered on time. JKI works only with qualified JIT carriers to ensure successful JIT deliveries. We also monitor the movements of the shipment closely to make sure the delivery is made on time.

Customized Services & Equipment

At JKI, we are committed to providing customized solutions to your shipping needs. Some of our customized services include team drivers, inside delivery, lift gate truck, flatbed, and lowboy trailers.

If you have any questions about our domestic services or would like to become our client, please send an email to ClientServices@jkiglobal.com or use the Contact Us page to send us your information. One of JKI’s team members will contact you shortly.