Listed on this page are the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about our services. Click on a question to reveal the answer, or contact us for more information.

Where is JK International located?

  • JK International is headquartered in Memphis TN.
  • JKI agency offices are around the globe in Asia, Europe, North/South America, Middle East.

What set JKI apart from other companies?

  • JKI is a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC). JKI is a freight forwarder. JKI is an indirect air carrier. JKI is a licensed customs broker. JKI is a global logistics consultant. We are one company to offer services in all aspect of global logistics. Our vision of the company is to focus on quality of the service. And our care for our clients’ business set us apart from any competition.

What do I need to know about JK International and how will clients benefit?

  • Our clients at JKI benefit from having immediate support from subject matter experts across our teams, allow you to receive the solution(s) for your challenges. Not only JKI monitors clients’ shipments but we assist our clients on every other matter as their logistics partner.

Can JKI assist with non-standard transportation requirements?

  • JKI has specific expertise with industries and shipments that require urgent and/or specific requirements.

Why should we use JK International as our Customs Broker?

  • Any importer can advise, you need a Customs broker that you can trust to get your shipments cleared through Customs with as few delays as possible. At JKI, you can be sure, that your entries will be filed accurately and on time.  We offer full clearance and entry services, regardless of the transport mode, with superior quality and 24/7 support.

Does JKI has a system in place for me to track or view my shipments status?

  • JKI operate a global IT system on a single platform to provide sophisticated, comprehensive, end-to-end global logistics solution to our clients. Our clients can have access to real time shipment status, tracking information, customs documents, invoices, and other relevant documents through our web portal anytime.

If I want to try JKI’s service, how can we make the transition seamless?

  • JKI has standard operating procedures to assist our clients making seamless transition to land on JKI service safe and sound. Our team will go through 4-step process of identifying, analyzing, developing, and implementing services to suit our clients requirements.